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At What Age are Most Cars Scrapped?

The average age of cars in Australia is around 8 years. It is a year older compared to several other countries. However, in a few countries, the average age of cars is around 12 years. This means that the average age of most cars is less than expected. Certain cars don’t get scrapped after many years but are not that good to be driven. The average car age at scrappage in 2019 was around 14 years, which was slightly better compared to previous years. However, what about today? Here is a detailed guide to the average age of most scrapped cars:

The Age of Most Scrapped Cars

More than 80% of cars sold over the last couple of decades are still on the road in Australia. A 15 year old car isn’t considered a classic in this country. Many states require your car to be around 20 years old for it to be called a classic car. So, one can say that there is a difference between a classic and old car.

A car can be called an old one if it is just 5 years old. But, there are different preferences as far as individuals are concerned. A few will consider a 10 year old car as old and a 20 year old car as scrapped. What if your car is old but still drivable on the road?

When you own a car, it is not easy to know when is the right time to replace it. Several car owners tend to make the mistake of assuming that they should replace their cars every few years. The average age of a car on the road is around 11 years these days, but many drivers keep a vehicle for more than 6 years.

In case you are concerned about buying a car from 2015, for instance, you must be reassured that this car is a lot more reliable compared to an older car and that it has all the features you find in a new vehicle. During the 70s and 80s, buying old cars was riskier, but not necessarily. For registration and insurance purposes, the age of a classic vehicle is at least 15 years but not more than 20 years. In case you register your car and insure it as a classic, it must have been kept to its original specifications and design.

Does the Age of Car Matter?

Reliability may fade with age. Even with the mileage being low, the older the car gets, the less reliable it is. Modern vehicles are more reliable, even after aging. A 5 year old car records what is considered a huge issue every 3 years, while a 10 year old car is more likely to face issues every 18 to 20 months.

Car safety has altered drastically over 3 years, and today, new cars are safe compared to older ones. Thanks to advanced engineering, newer cars are manufactured better and offer more safety features for your protection!

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