How to Find the Value of My Car with Local Car Removals Near Me

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Local car removals are the perfect solution for securing quick cash when selling a vehicle. 

Not least when selling scrap cars, smashed cars, damaged cars, non-runners, end-of-life vehicles, mechanically faulty cars, or salvage cars. Before committing to any agreement, though, you must learn how much the vehicle is worth. 

This quick guide will teach you how to find the value of yours.


  • How to find the value of my car with a local car removals team
  • Is the price I’m offered the price I’ll receive?
  • What other financial factors should I take into account?
  • Get started now

How to find the value of my car with a local car removals team

Discovering how much your vehicle is worth is a very easy task. In fact, our friendly advisors can provide an accurate and no-obligation quote within minutes. You can contact us using the email form or telephone. 

When contacting us about your potential car removal and instant sale, you will need to provide us with;

  • Your contact details,
  • The car’s model,
  • The vehicle’s registration plate number,
  • Confirmation of its current location,
  • Brief details of it’s current condition.

Once this information has been confirmed, we will give you an accurate valuation of what we will pay for the vehicle. For scrap cars, this could be a few hundred dollars. For unwanted vehicles in good health, it could be thousands. 

While you don’t need to be around when we collect the vehicle, we will need confirmation of ownership. However, our experts can complete the paperwork for sale to ensure the process is streamlined.

Is the price I’m offered the price I’ll receive?

Absolutely, and it is one of the many reasons to choose a cash for cars service. 

Australia’s used vehicle marketplace was worth USD 37.68 billion in 2021 and is set to hit USD 53.87 billion by 2028. With so many cars available, it is often a buyer’s market, meaning you will have to accept a lower offer than what you initially planned for.

However, a cash for car service provides a 100% transparent valuation based on the car model and does not worry about the condition. Non-runners and other vehicles are all welcome. Better still, free collections ensure even greater value. 

What other financial factors should I take into account?

When selling your vehicle with a cash for car service, you may receive an offer that is slightly lower than the ‘best price’ that could be offered by a private sale. 

Whether it’s an SUV, like almost half of all vehicles in Australia, or any other vehicle doesn’t matter. The fact is that you will see other financial benefits, such as;

  • No negotiations on the price from the buyer,
  • No hidden costs for car removals, 
  • No hidden admin costs,
  • No waiting for payments or threat of non-payment.

Get started now

If you think selling your car with a local car removals company could be the right solution, now is the perfect time to find out the value of your vehicle. Call the Car Removals Melbourne team now, and you could have cash in your hands by the end of the day.

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