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Why are you holding on to your old car? If you’re like most people, it’s because you don’t know where to turn when it comes time to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. You might think the only option is just to leave it sitting in your driveway and let it collect rust until you eventually have to pay someone to haul it away, but that doesn’t make any sense – not only does this cost you money, but the work needed to dispose of such vehicles can be environmentally hazardous, as well as costly. So why go through all the trouble?

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You can choose from two different old car removal services: buy-back or tow-away. Both have their own benefits. For example, for cash for scrap cars towing away is cheaper than buying them back. On top of that if you opt for a buy-back scheme your old car will be recycled – it won’t be sent to a local landfill site. So whatever your needs are you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Scrap My Car Removal Melbourne!

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Don’t let old cars rust away in your driveway. Donate it to a good cause or trade it for cash by selling it to a wrecking yard in Melbourne. Ask yourself, Why do I need an old car? If you don’t have a good answer then contact Car Removals Melbourne for professional car removal services in Melbourne today! Call +61 404 113 112 for free quotes on same day car removal services in Derrimut.



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