Can I Sell My Car to Someone Without a License?

Can I Sell My Car to Someone Without a License?

It is normal to think about someone purchasing a car while having a driver’s license. After all, in case you can’t legally drive the car, there is no point in owning it. However, in case you ask the relevant authorities across territories and states: Can I sell a car without a driver’s license? The answer to this question can be the one you expect. However, as it turns out, selling a car without a license can be pretty tricky. It is legal and is quite common. However, think about it, there is no corporation, company, NGO, or government with a license, is there? Yet, many organizations own cars and get them registered in the name of that organization.

You Can Register Your Car Without a License

It brings us to the logical question of can you register your car without a driver’s license. The answer is yes. However, back to the actual question about a non-licensed person selling a car. In Western Australia, the stipulation is that a person selling a car should be at least 16 years old and should provide proof of identity. They also need to be a resident of Western Australia. This law is designed clearly to permit someone on a learners license to own their car even before they have passed their test for license. It does make sense.

In New South Wales, it is quite the same with no requirement for license to sell a car, and the only thing you have to provide is the proof of identity. The same case is with the transferring registration into the name of that unlicensed buyer; no license needed. It is the same in South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland.

License is a Necessity in Some States When Transferring Ownership

Even in case you have lost your license or it is suspended, you may still be the legal owner of the car. It would be quite crazy to identify that a business runner who lost their license for speeding for example, was then needed to sell the fleet of cars their workers use for their work.

Not having a license can make a lot of difference only if you need to change the ownership online at once of the websites of the state governments. In a few states, both parties need to have their licenses in order to do this online. In case not, you may need to attend a government service for making the transfer.

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